The concept behind my brand.

Our younger generations need to know how powerful they are and the potential they have. They can create their own reality, using tools like meditation, affirmations, gratitude and many others. These are the things the next generations should be taught. Wouldn't having knowledge like this when you was younger make you excited for life to come? Why? Because you can create it.

My aim for my brand is to empower our Kings. Remind them of who they really are. Im on the journey aswell. What I have learnt & still am learning is we humans are POWERFUL! Most of my designs will have a message just from what ive learnt & what has changed me for the better as a person. Knowledge of self.

Every tracksuit I make has a vision of how can I speak the knowledge I've been learning & how It's helped me. I teach my children & see how it's helping them, so why wouldnt I want to help who i can?

Also my tracksuits can be a reminder to oursleves. It's so easy to get caught up in everyday life. Imagine your child wearing one of my tracksuits that says for example as within so without. That's a reminder to us also everytime we put it on them. Awareness is key.

  • Affirmations

    An affirmation is a positive statement of powerful words. Affirmations are aimed to tap into our conscious and unconscious mind to motivate, challenge and help us reach our full potential.

    Imagine wearing clothes that reminded our children of all tthe positive things they are. Shop the affirmations tracksuit today.

  • Review

    "I bought a really nice outfit for my nephew. It looked absolutely amazing on him. I will definately make a purchase in the future".


  • Review

    "Ordered a baby boys tracksuit as a gift for my friends baby. Very happy with the quality and how quickly i recieved my order. Will definately be ordering again. Thank you so much.