Hebrew tracksuit

TMH= the most high

Believing in TMH doesn’t mean you lost your power. Me believing in yah gives me power. I don’t look outside of myself for Yah, if I did that I would be me limiting myself.  I look within. Getting to know me is getting to know TMH. We are made in the image of TMH so wouldn’t we have the qualities of the force. Yah is supreme consciousness. The energy is in everything. Good & bad. At the end of the day it’s an individual perception on what is Good & evil.

Sometimes I get stuck on what to call what the world knows as God. I don’t really like the word ‘God’. There’s many ‘Gods’ that people believe in. I don’t look at the true God like what the world calls God Even now trying to explain this I’m lost for words. No word seems enough to descried the energy. So, I say Yah. Yah is my friend; God is a title.  

When Covid came about we can all say the energy changed. I remember I said to my sister what if yah has given us powers, starting doing like zoom hand actions. Lol, but that what was actually what I was thinking but it was a whole different concept than what I thought. I took time out from Yah and started studying spirituality, and that’s when I started to really learn how to get to know Yah more but knowing myself. That’s the powers within us. We are creators juat like TMH. I still study Spirituality but connect it back to TMH.

Once I started my spiritual journey I loved Yah more than I did before and it was something I prayed for to get to know Yah more, to really feel the love & walk in it also. So I feel Yah led me to start studying spirituality. Before I did I was looking at things carnally instead of spiritually. Ive still go a long way to go, but that’s what I love the never ending knowledge. The working on self, to me that’s what life’s about.

Anyway back to the Hebrew heritage, There are so many books that also give you truth & explain our history a little more like the Apocrypha, the keys of Enoch, the books of remembrance & many more. The Bible is actually the last book I go to. Hebrew history is hidden everywhere & it’s been hidden to stop us finding out who we really are. Its literally like finding the pieces to make the jigsaw. Sometimes you got to silence the noise from the world and listen to your spirit. Not everyone has the same journey & It isn’t no one’s business what you believe & don’t let anyone sway you on what you believe.

Our story is written in the sky & within us.  You can read more in my blog on my website.

This is my journey and my truth if it resonates with you cool, if not then also cool.

I was woken up to the fact I’m a Hebrew about 5 years ago. It literally was like I was woken up and everything just made sense. God had a chosen people who he would basically talk through. We are supposed to be the LIGHT to the world.  There’s a group of people who claim they are the chosen and that’s the Jewish people the world knows of today, but they aren’t the chosen people. The meaning of ish is to modify or moderate something previously stated.  So the so called Jewish are just basically adopting the ways of the original jews & also putting their own spin on it.  It’s the Negroes that are the true Jews but not every negro. You have the line of Shem, Japheth & ham. The line of Shem is the line TMH chose for his set of people.

I believe the bible has some truth in there but has been heavily tampered with to the point the concept of the Bible has been changed. If we take every word for verbatim from the bible we are still oppressed & I feel it was whoever changed the Bible that was their aim.

This isn’t a case of one race is superior to the other it is just what it is. Hebrew means to cross over. If you believe in the most high have faith you too are basically a Hebrew. We were a rebellious people so the most high punished up by taking away our heritage and identity. We were worshipping other gods, and wanted what the heathens had. You can actually see it in the world today. You hear about all these gods but no one really wants to accept yah. Yah is the true God & there’s only one God.

They are forces that know the truth of who we are and are still trying to keep us oppressed because they know when we wake up as a collective their game and time is over. The whole world will change for the better.  You can see it I the world today these forces  & nations are trying to oppress us. They make up stories like the Hebrews are racist & make out we are something that we’re not. (Psalms 83)

The Bible has been heavily tampered with so much so I feel the whole concept of the Bible has been twisted. These wicked forces have taken books out & added things in. The most high told us our knowledge will be increased in the last days & it sure is. We’re discovering many other books and evolving spiritually. When I first got into this truth and the way I am now I have most definitely evolved. I was looking at things through a carnal mind instead of a spiritual mind. That why I feel like the most high led me to start studying spirituality.

I use crystals, sage & acknowledge & thank my ancestors & that doesn’t make me evil which the Bible portrays. This is why its so important to listen to YOUR spirit.


God is LOVE don’t ever forget that.

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