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"As within so without" Tracksuit

"As within so without" Tracksuit

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There's a spiritual saying. It goes "As within so without" meaning whatever is going on on in our outside world is what is going on on our inside. For example if our child is full of anger thats what their outside world will also portray.  So to change our outside world we need to look within.

A bit deep for our children, but just bringing it into their awareness is planting a seed.

This tracksuit is a standout, especially on these cold, dull days. Made from 100% cotton. It's a standout. The seams are overlocked on the outside so it seems as its inside out to portray the message of the tracksuit. You dont just see it you feel it. 😉. It's also very warm. 

Care Instructions

Wash inside out on a low temperature

Low heat iron

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